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We are...

...a Wyoming financial services company that strives to exceed expectations

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Grounded in Wisdom & Truth

Our mission is in our name. Sophia comes from the Greek word for wisdom, and Veritas means "truth" or "reality" in Latin. These two words embody our goal here at Sophia Veritas: to provide clients with the truth and reality regarding their finances, financial statements, taxes etc and the wisdom to know how to move forward. We believe that the truth is never the problem, and we want to equip you with the tools you need to handle whatever the truth is with wisdom. 

Our Values


We believe strongly in treating ourselves and others with dignity. This means that we always consider what's best for our clients, and will treat you like we would our own family.


Willingness means that we are ready to serve you. Meeting your financial, accounting, and tax needs is our top priority, and we'll do what it takes to get the job done.


Integrity is our highest priority. This means that we strive to say what we mean and mean what we say. It's so important to us that we even put it in our name as a reminder that truth is of the utmost value.


Competence is the linchpin that brings all of our other values together to work for you. Without competence, truth, dignity, and willingness can only take us so far. Competence is the key to successfully serving you.

Our Story

Founded in 2023, the idea for Sophia Veritas first began as an answer to a gap that we were finding in the accounting market. As the idea for Sophia Veritas grew, we realized that we wanted to provide more comprehensive financial services and insights for all types of businesses, including in the cryptocurrency industry. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with personal, tailored, and focused financial services that help them understand the truth and meaning behind the numbers on a financial statement or tax return and empower them to make smart money and business decisions.

Sophia Veritas Financial LLC may be a new company, but we are not lacking in real-world experience. Over the years, our managing members have felt the pain of having to deliver bad news or decide whether to continue or discontinue a business venture. We know what it's like to ride the highs and lows of the oil and gas industry, and we understand first-hand how painful and confusing tax season can be on families and small businesses. We've experienced the excitement when a business succeeds, and the difficulty of mapping out the reasons it's not. That's why the people behind Sophia Veritas are ready to take on your unique and distinctive financial situations; we've been there, and we can walk alongside you to make whatever financial high or low you're facing more manageable.

We are exceptional in the depth of bookkeeping and accounting services that we offer and our willingness to get into the trenches alongside you to make your business or personal endeavors successful. We believe that accounting is about more than just numbers on a financial statement; it's about finding the truth about the stories and people behind those numbers and objectively analyzing and evaluating to create a clear and understandable picture for our clients of their financial situation and how they can move forward. Our goal is to help our clients have a clear vision so that they can make wise decisions on their road ahead and be the financial partner they need to succeed. 

We are motivated by our families and our desire to help the people around us succeed. We are proud of our Wyoming roots, and we want to do justice by the people who mean the most to us and the state that we call home.  

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